My mission is to provide compassionate and professional care for any animal with whom I am working. As I am also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, it is extremely important to me to provide sensitivity and understanding to my work with people and their animal companions.

During an animal communication, small animal massage or Reiki session, I will facilitate compassionate and respectful communication between you and your animal friend.  When I communicate with your animal I am receiving information "telepathically".  This can mean that I am hearing, seeing and feeling information during the discussion.

     -Animal Communication
     -Small Animal Massage 
     -Reiki Master (people and animals)

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Hi Anne! Just wanted to thank you again for talking with Dante and I. I had a suspicion about the pain in his left stifle, which he brought up to you. 

As an animal communicator my joy comes from being able to facilitate a deeper level of connection and understanding between humans and their animal companions. I have seen where this process brings about growth and renewal for all in      Read more...
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