Animal Communication
Animal communication is the utilization of telepathy to receive and communicate information from one being to another.  Most of my consultations are done via telephone. Your animal can be with you at the time of the consultation but it is not necessary.

The consultation can include any topic that you have questions about that your animal is willing to discuss, as Animal Communication is always honoring the wishes of the animal in the most respectful manner possible. Changes can sometimes take place through the understanding of the animal's perspective on a variety of topics.

Steps To schedule an animal communication session: 

1) Choose your session length or course and make a payment Click here

2) Once a session has been purchased you will be emailed a next steps for our session time, as well as my scheduling tool.

For inquiries: Click here

Session Instructions-please review upon scheduling: 

-It helps me to have a photograph of your animal but consultations can be done without photographs.  You can e-mail me a digital photo of your animal or if you mail a picture SASE, I will return the photograph immediately following the session.

-Please e-mail me with a few questions relating to the primary purpose of the consultation prior to the scheduled appointment time. I will need to know the animal's name, age, breed, color and any additional special markings.

-Please provide any important information relating to the topic/s that we are discussing.  I will be fully present in order to provide the most comprehensive information possible.  I am not interested in being, "tested."

-Before I speak directly with you, I will spend a few minutes making a connection with your animal.

-At the scheduled appointment time, I will call you at the number you send me via email.  If you have purchased  recorded session please call 1-800-511-7985 and   use code 634-5981 at the appointment time. 

-I encourage you to have paper and pen ready to take notes about what your animal is saying.

-At the scheduled appointment time, I will ask you where you are geographically and physically in relationship to your animal. 

-Your animal may sleep during the consultation or be awake-we can communicate either way.

My goal in working with you and your animals is to further understanding, connection and love.  I am not a veterinarian and cannot diagnose illness or disease.  I can receive information from the animal as to where he/she might be feeling discomfort or pain.  I will relate that information to you only as described by the animal.  I am not a substitute for an animal receiving veterinary care.  I can facilitate conversation about desired outcomes but cannot force your animal to make changes, just as I cannot force you to make changes that your animal might request.  I am not interested in being tested. I approach my consultations with an open heart and with excitement about the experience for you and your animal!
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