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Location: Morristown, NJ

Saturday August 12, 2017 * Special essential oils take home gift to enhance the 
                                             animal - human connection for all students

Time:  9-4:30PM


Anne is available to provide mini-courses & talks about
animal communication and energy healing at your event or center. 

To receive further information, please contact Anne:      973-558-1991

Digging Deeper - Level 2 Telecourse - Limited Seating Registration Is Open!

This course is for those who have taken a Level 1 Course and know that you would like to further pursue your love of animal communication!

  • review and build on the skills that you learned in the Level 1 course in a distance format with online materials and forum
  • in-depth communication with animals and nature elements
  • techniques to align yourself with the animals more deeply to enhance animal communication
  • consult with animal teachers 

Telepathic Animal Communication Course - Level 1 
(created by Penelope Smith)

In teaching this course my goal is to help reconnect people to the gift of communication with animals with which they were born. What I most enjoy about teaching this course is helping people to realize that they have already communicated with animals in the past.

I will provide you with tools for utilizing your own telepathic abilities to learn what the animals are thinking and feeling. These workshops provide a fun and supportive learning environment where we will practice becoming present and receptive through a variety of techniques.

  • we will practice guided meditations and exercises that will help ​to prepare you for receiving information from the animals. 
  • move away from any preconceived ideas about what animals are thinking and feeling.
  • you will communicate with animals who will be present at the workshop and through photographs that you have brought of your animal companions.

"Loved this class. Thank you Anne (and Meesha, Gracie and TiTi)." Sarah 

"So amazed at what we were all able to (communicate). Thank you so 
much for helping us communicate with our animals with confidence." Diana
​Group Distance Practice Courses

Location: Telephonic Class
Dates: TBA
Time: TBA

  • this class if for those who have taken the Level I and/or Level II Animal Communication Courses

  • group classes provided safe, fun and supportive setting for those who wish to practice what they have learned and improve upon their communication with animals

  • review tools learned in previous courses​

  • Details will be posted to private Facebook group. Confidentiality is maintained for animals and group participants.​
Individual Telephonic Mentoring Sessions

  • enhance your animal communication skills with private mentoring sessions
  • individualized program to build confidence in your communication with animals 
  • these sessions are for students who have taken the Level 1 or Level 2 animal communication course either with Anne or with another animal communicator
Digging Deeper -Early Registration By September 15, 2017!

Upcoming Course Dates:Meets for 6 sessions

Dates: 10/9, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30, 11/6, 11/13

Time:  7:00PM-9:00PM
15% Discount 1 Hour Private Mentoring Sessions Packages of 3
Telepathic Animal Communication Telecourse - Level 1 Limited Seating Register Now!

Upcoming Course 
Meets for 5 sessions: 
Mondays 9/11, 9/18, 9/19. 9/25, 10/2

Course Fee: 60.00
Learn animal communication from the comfort of your own home!

Classes take place at the same time and date each week unless otherwise indicated
Students will experience learning in via conference call classes with other who share their passion for communication with animals. Online course materials and forum.

Exercises and discussion will take place during weekly calls. Student will be provided with practice materials and are expected to dedicate appx two hours each week between classes to both individual and partnered practice. 

Note taking during the class will assist students in their learning process. Students are expected to be dedicated to learning during the teleclass designated times

NOTE: Individual mentoring is not included with course. If students are interested in receiving telephonic mentoring individually at a discounted rate, this option is available at the time of course purchase. Tele-mentoring - 1/2 hour 

In Person Level 1 Course

NOTE: Individual mentoring is not included with course. If students are interested in receiving telephonic mentoring individually at a discounted rate, this option is available at the time of course purchase. Tele-mentoring - 1/2 hour 
"Anne has a knack for aiding the student in opening channels to become more intuitive." Jeff
"I wouldn't change anything. It was wonderful! Very clear, helpful and experiential." Deirdre
"This was very helpful and very good. Iove the common goal of spreading the good for animals." Danielle