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Energy Work Animals and People

During an energy work session, this energy is transferred for the purpose of providing relaxation and to support healing. Energy work can be utilized to prevent and heal illness by cleansing meridians and balancing the chakras.  

My approach to energy work is to request the guidance of the divine when I provide support for an animal or person. My prayer is that I will serve as a vessel for the energy to flow to the recipient and that the animal or person will receive what is in their highest good. 

A person remains full clothed during the session and my hands are positioned a few inches above the body. Energy work can be performed in-person (in your home) or at a distance.  

Energy sessions for people are performed in your home after we have spoken. Most energy sessions for people are scheduled for an animals' human who is already known to me although some exceptions do apply.

The highest grade essential oils are used to support the systems of the body during sessions upon request.
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