• (Your consult) was such a big help and helped me in being able to look in a different way at thing that you don't think is harmful but can be with the right cut. Remmie is almost healed just a little bit left and we have been able to remove her e-collier. Beth Stevenson

  • You are amazing! Wolfie did eat on his own this evening -- just like he told you. Thank you so much for connecting with him!  Sarah

  • Anne, Thank you so very much for today's consultation. You  were right about the rosewood for nausea. I looked it up online. I'll  get some tonight. You have helped me so much! Kathi

  • I would recommend you to anyone who is considering using an animal communicator. I wanted to thank you again for talking with Dante and I. I had a suspicion about the pain in his left stifle, which he brought up to you. I had the vet come out yesterday to look at it, and after a series of x-rays, he found that Dante has an OCD on his stifle joint, which does cause pain and will be an issue for his whole life. For now, we'll manage it with supplements and exercise, and maybe in the future surgery will be required. Thanks to your great help, I can now help Dante, which is so very important to me. You are a treasure! I'm sure I'll be in touch soon. Thanks!  Kathy Driscoll

  • It's been a few weeks since we talked together with Karma.  (the cat with head injury.)  Just wanted to say how well she is doing!  When we were talking about my concerns with the litter box that day she was using it!   It was a huge help to Karma and I to have your assistance in communicating. Gaining an understanding of her thoughts and special needs was vital to our success as her family. Dawn

  • I recently started bringing her up from the basement for blocks of time and then taking her back down until she used the box. Knowing about her "jolts of anxiety" has helped us a lot.  My husband and son seem to understand and are respectful of her.  She does seem to love to be held and we do that a lot.  Everything is coming along and she's even starting to play (as a 9 mo. old kitten should)!  Rebecca Jarvis

  • I sat on the floor of the bathroom while we spoke and per his usual, the kitty hid in the little box he likes best that I had kept for him in the tub. While we spoke, as you know, there was that beautiful moment where he came to the edge of the tub, at first putting his paws on the edge of tub with his head peaking over. Then, seeming very purposeful, he reached one little paw directly toward me. That was the first time he initiated a movement towards me. You told me how hard this was for him and gave me insight to his behavior that put into human words exactly what his behavior seemed to be showing.  My little cat who hadn’t eaten for two days and who was eating ravenously while we spoke stopped eating and sat still several times. Several times I didn’t hear your voice, but obviously he did because each time you were quiet he stopped and apparently “listened,†and then tried out the new behavior that you told me you had suggested to him. It was all so dramatic and immediate!  I want you to know of Friday’s great victory: He got on my bed and played and cuddled with me. That is what I needed him to do for me, and I was grateful as it was getting harder and harder for me to get up and down from the floor. All this took place over the course of a week. He seems happy and calm with me now, and I can love him fully and easily. Thanks to you, I have witnessed a miracle. A tiny, furry miracle cloaked in black and white fur. A miracle that I think has surprised both human and cat alike. The bottom line for you to know is that life with my kitten has been a powerful experience, thanks to your help.    Joy G.

  • "The dynamics of my cat world had changed with the death of Una. Anne was able to convey to me the specifics of the unease between my new alpha-male kitten, Mi-Ro, and a former "middle-child" girl cat, Tizzy. Rather than simply let them "work it out," Anne helped me to recognize the nuances of their behavior, and, in essence, their feelings. She is gifted not only in communicating with animals, but also with their people." Sharon W.

  • Thank you for today’s session with Foxy. The insights into her past were truly amazing! Sarah J.

  • "Anne has communicated with several of my animals in the last year or so for various reasons and I would highly recommend her. Her compassionate personality plays a big part in what they are comfortable in telling her and how she is able to interpret their feelings and needs. Anne talked to a cat who I thought should be in a home rather then remaining a feral cat at our ranch in West Texas. He stayed for a while and told Anne that he liked it and loved to sit on a post and watch the horses jump (as it turns out his new home was at a hunter jumper barn). Later he disappeared. I had Anne contact him again. He told Anne he was thinking about coming back but might be happier where he. He eventually made his own decision to return to his feral life style which Anne helped me to better understand that in this particular situation was his preference. I felt good about knowing that he was able to take care of himself and that he was happier returning to his life as a feral cat." Helen Mayfield


  • Anne was gentle and thorough when she gave my sog, Sammy, his massages.  She was very knowledgeable in the area of animal care and gave me helpful information on keeping Sammy in good physical condition.  He really enjoyed his massages and always seemed relaxed and happy after each session. Judi Nobile, Morristown, NJ

  • Anne does an awesome job.  My cat Boo Boo Kitty has been getting massage therapy from Anne for about 4 months. He is 17 and a half years old with some health issues and has always been a little bit moody to strangers so it took a couple sessions for him to become acclimated. Now that he is comfortable with Anne the results have been excellent. After each massage he has more energy and moves better. This is especially noticeable on the day after.  I highly recommend massage therapy by Anne. Jeff Brandes, NJ

  • Anne's practice with animals is very impressive.  She is able to assess an animal's physical state and then provide the appropriate level of massage.  I have seen true progress in my pet's energy level and over all health.  Specifcially, my dog was not able to run and is now able to sprint.  I am completely sold on Anne's practice and would reccomend her to anyone.  Andy Black, NJ

Telepathic Animal Communciation Course - Level 1 (Created by Penelope Smith)

We took Anne's Animal Communication' class together, and found it to be  both informative, and helpful.  It was obvious she knew what she was doing in regard to her teaching.  In practice, we've learned that her instruction was useful in utilizing the gifts we didn't know we already had in being able to communicate with our pets, and other animals.  Thanks Anne!  Keep up the good work.  Andie and Pete Keenan

"Anne is truly gifted. I will put into practice what I learned in this workshop." Judy

"We took Anne's Animal Communication class together and found it to be both informative and helpful. It was obvious that she knew what she was doing in regards to her teaching. In practice we've learned that her instruction was useful in utilizing the gifts we didn't know we already had in being able to communicate with our pets and other animals." Andie Guana and Pete Keenan

"Anne is very calming and reassuring while one is learning to communicate with animals." Joy K.

"I believe now that I really can talk with animals." Helen B.

CODE OF ETHICS for Interspecies Telepathic Communicators formulated by Penelope Smith in 1990 

Our motivation is compassion for all beings and a desire to help all species understand each other better, particularly to help restore the lost human ability to freely and directly communicate with other species.

We honor those that come to us for help, not judging, condemning, or invalidating them for their mistakes of misunderstanding, but honoring their desire for change and harmony. 

We know that to keep this work as pure and harmonious as possible requires that we continually grow spiritually. We realize that telepathic communication can be clouded or overlaid by our own unfulfilled emotions, critical judgments, or lack of love for self and others. We walk in humility, willing to recognize and clear up our own errors in understanding others' communication (human and non-human alike). 

We cultivate knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of human, non-human and interspecies behavior and relationships, to increase the good results of our work. We get whatever education and-or personal help we need to do our work effectively, with compassion, respect, joy and harmony. 

We seek to draw out the best in everyone and increase understanding toward mutual resolution of problems. We go only where we are asked to help, so that others are receptive and we truly can help. We respect the feelings and ideas of others and work for interspecies understanding, no pitting one side against another, but walking with compassion for all. We acknowledge the things that we cannot change and continue where our work can be most effective. 

We respect the privacy of people and animal companions we work with, and honor their desire for confidentiality. While doing our best to help, we allow others their own dignity, and help them to help their animal companions. We cultivate understanding and ability in others, rather than dependence on our ability. We offer people ways to be involved in understanding and growth with their fellow beings of other species. 

We acknowledge our limitations, seeking help from other professionals as needed. It is not our job to name and treat diseases, and we refer people to veterinarians for diagnosis of physical illness. We may relay animals' ideas, feelings, pains, symptoms, as they describe them or as we feel or perceive them, and this may be helpful to veterinary health professionals. We may also assist through handling of stresses, counseling and other gentle healing methods. We let clients decide for themselves how to work with healing their animal companions' distress, disease or injury, given all the information available. 

The goal of any consultation, lecture, workshop or interspecies experience is more communication balance, compassion, understanding and communion among all beings. We follow our heart, honoring the spirit and life of all beings as One.

Copyright  2011  Anne Angelo.  All Rights Reserved
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